The Life and Essence of a Grain

The Beautiful Unknown Story of Wheat and Grains

Grain seeds are living, sleeping plants filled with all the full spectrum of naturally occurring nutrients, visible on the image, to create a healthy seedling, a new plant.

Live untreated grains are “Sleeping Beauties”, alive and full of nutrients, used by our predecessors as a staple for millennia. The seed is hermetically sealed and can sleep for many years, and it will still be alive and filled with the bulk of the nutrients it contained at the time it was harvested.

Water the seed, and in the right environment, it will awake, sprout and grow, to reproduce. Once milled, the seed is dead, transformed into,what we know as flour.

The process of decay sets in. and within a few days, most of the essential oils, amino acids (protein), vitamins, enzymes, and antioxidants, will oxidise due to oxygen exposure, rendering this once wholesome nutritious food, empty and harmful.

However, used and consumed immediately after milling, all the nutrients and rich taste are contained. The germ, bran and endosperm of the grain remain and the result is tasty, wholesome baking, filled with nutrition.

With commercial baking, approximately 90% of the naturally occurring nutrients have been removed for the sake of shelf-life. This results in unnecessary carbo-loading, with way too much energy being stored in your body. This is one of the key reasons for the epidemic of obesity, diabetes, and much more high blood sugar-related diseases.

Freshly milled unspoiled flour is an explosion of taste, and contains all the aromatic elements. This gives all grain foods an ultra-delicious taste.

All 4LifeZA baking premixes, are freshly stone-milled, seeds ground, and immediately vacuum-packed to retain freshness until ready for use.

Once opened the remainder of the product can be stored in the freezer for freshness. The product will not freeze and the decay of nutrients is halted. When ready for used, remove the product from the freezer, and allow it to sit on the counter or in a little sunshine to reach room temperature

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