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Dates - Al Bharaka Khalas

Dates - Al Bharaka Khalas

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Dates are high in fiber and antioxidants, with nutritional benefits which support brain health and enhance physical performance.

Dates are a natural and safe source of energy which can easily be incorporated into athletes' diets.

"Possibly the best food of the future".

"Dates combined with probiotic bacteria supports energy levels and gut health in athletes".

The Khalas dates are a great snack which need no preparation, and are easy and ready to enjoy.

The best time to eat dates are when YOU ARE HUNGRY OR WANT TO EAT.

Though dates are naturally high in sugar, they don't spike blood sugar quickly. Rather, they provide a type of slow-releasing carb that allows for a steady stream of energy to fuel your workout. Try having 2–4 dates 30–60 minutes before a workout.

Dates are beneficial for athletes

  • Provide energy before a workout.
  • Replenish power after a workout.
  • Slow burning carbohydrates.
  • High in potassium.
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals.
  • Natural sweetener.

Functional foods are foods which exceed the nutritional value and properties of the food. A functional food has attributes which perform a function in the body, e.g. dates can assist in maintaining and regulating blood sugar levels.

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