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Milk Kefir: Ready to drink

Milk Kefir: Ready to drink

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4LifeZA ready to drink milk kefir, is made the traditional way with live kefir culture grains.

The origin of the live culture grains, from which the milk kefir is made, are unknown. The live grains were received in Gauteng 2014 and cultivated with raw milk since.

This food is alive and continues to grow. The milk kefir made from these grains, is safe to consume for at least 6 months, when produced with raw milk.

Store your ready to drink milk kefir in the refrigerator and keep for up to 6 months.

Note that it will continue fermenting in the refrigerator, and become thicker.

The whey will separate from the curds, giving you a yellowish clear liquid and the thick curds.

Pour off the whey and use to bake, and eat or drink the curds, which will now be thick and creamy. Alternatively, mix the whey and the curds for a drinking kefir.

  • Drink your milk kefir daily for a healthy gut and immune system.
  • Use your milk kefir in baking as a healthy alternative to yeast and baking powder.


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